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Description Of The Bikini Shave

March 2, 2017 • James Manthey

Nowadays, the most embarrassing faux pas you can commit in a public beach/pool is to let your pubic hair say its hellos to the world. Men and women alike have been known to commit such a grievous mistake when wearing bikinis and trunks, which could have been avoided had they taken the time to use any of the hair remover tools available.


It must be emphasized that the term “bikini shave” is applicable to both men and women even when it is only the women who wear bikinis. It is the shave that extends from the main pubic area to the underside of the genitals – vaginal lips for the women and testicles for the men as well as the anal area for both sexes – until the tops of the thighs.

If you have never shaved this area before, you will encounter some difficulty especially because of its high degree of sensitivity. So, you must approach it with care and caution lest you find yourself with skin infections.

Tools Used for the Bikini Shave

The hair remover tools used in a bikini shave depends on the type of method you are adopting for the purpose. If you are shaving the area, then an electric razor is the appropriate tool. However, you should not use a rotary electric shaver as it can pull hair in many directions, thus, leading to more skin irritations and infections.

If you are just trimming excess hair, which is true if you are into pubic hair art, then scissors will do the trick. Just be careful to wield it as the pointed end can do damage and be sure to trim any hair that may stick out in your bikini.

If you are into waxing, then a porous strip of paper and the appropriate wax solution are your hair remover tools. This method is best done with assistance either from a lover or from a professional. And do expect greater pain than experienced with your shaving and trimming efforts.

Tips for Shaving

Since waxing the bikini area is best left to the professionals, this article will discuss shaving it. The main rule in doing so is to go about very carefully and very slowly. There’s no hurry especially when you consider that your genitals are probably the most sensitive of all skin areas.

You must trim the longer pubic hairs with the small scissors. A hair trimmer will do the job better but scissors will do just fine. Also, you must ensure that your skin pores are open either through taking a shower or placing a warm piece of cloth on the whole genital area. This way, the pubic hairs are more receptive to the actions of the main hair remover tool – the electric razor, that is.

Also, you must moisturize the area with a mild lotion and then allow it to seep through the skin and hair for about five minutes or so. This way, you avoid small skin nicks that may lead to skin infections. Lastly, apply electric razor to skin. Start from the back, then the sides and finally the front. After you are satisfied with the results, rinse the area and pat dry. Do wear loose underwear for a while until the skin is well-healed.
And that is how to wield the hair remover tools to your advantage!

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