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The Nagelpilz, Called Also As The Fungal Infection

March 22, 2017 • James Manthey

The nagelpilz is also called in medical terms as the Onchomycosis which is the fungal infection that occurs in the nails. It is called as the most common disease in nails that constitutes around half of the nail abnormalities. This heinous condition affects as the finger nails or the toe nails. Such infections are most commonly found in the toenails. They occur in more than 10 per cent of the adult population. Some of the major symptoms of these nail infections that are in fungal types, makes the nail thick and even discolors them in green, yellow or black color. As infection progresses in the nail, it becomes brittle with some pieces of its breaking off and they come in the way of fingers and toes completely. If they are untreated, the skins turns out inflammable and even makes them more painful around nails.

The Nagelpilz forms up the yellow and white patches on nail bed or scaly skin next to nails and the foul smell. It doesn’t even cause any pain or other bodily symptoms unless disease gets severe. People with such problems of onychomycosis that experience some of the psychosocial problems due to its appearance of the nails, mainly the fingers, that are even visible always, rather making the toenails affected. Treat your problems of such infections medically with the help of experts today otherwise they can turn into some serious problems in your hands, nails, toes, fingers and others.


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